Get Fit Ventry: Free 30-Day Trial

Hey Ventry residents! Ready to kickstart your fitness journey? Sign up now for our Ventry Fitness Trial and get 30 days of exclusive access to our Live Train Evolve app, which is absolutely free! During your trial, you'll get: Experience the convenience of Live Streaming Fitness classes four days a week, right at your fingertips with our Live Train Evolve app* On-demand workouts and programs Chat with fitness coaches whenever you need help. It's time to take the first step towards a healthier you Ventry! Sign up today for your free 30-day trial! *Classes are scheduled Tuesday 6 pm, Thursday 6 pm, Friday 10 am, Saturday 9 am.

Plan Includes

  • Live Streaming workouts with a fitness coach four days a week

  • On-demand workouts and programs

  • Chat with a fitness coach whenever you need help.

How it works

  • Sign Up: Get started by signing up for the trial in our app.
  • Access Everything: Enjoy live classes, on-demand workouts, and chat with coaches for free for 30 days.
  • Join in: Take part in live workouts four times a week and explore on-demand content at your own pace.
  • Feel the Difference: Experience the benefits of our fitness platform firsthand.
  • Decide to Continue: After the trial, decide if you want to continue. You can cancel anytime!



Free for first month

After completing your first month, your subscription will continue at $59.99 per month. NOTE: the first month free apply only to new customers.

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