"I like to believe that the energy we put out into the universe will always come back to us. I really don't believe in luck or chance I just believe that the people who show up in your life you have attracted them through your actions and your thoughts. After the let down of my failed weight cut I was really disappointed in myself. I knew the only way to snap out of that feeling was to raise the standard I had for myself.

Most people would say by chance I ran into Brian Washington while on my lunch break for work. My first impression when I met Brian he looked like a real athlete, he was very humble, and very professional. After speaking with him I was invited to his gym Live Train Evolve and when I walked into the door I knew I was in the right place. I always feel at home when I walk into a gym and you can see their is nonsense every piece equipment in the gym is strictly for developing you into a better athlete. I told Brian my goals, the disappointment in myself from my previous setbacks, what areas I wanted to develop, and how I want to make a big statement in a heavier weight class. Our first workout I knew that everything I wanted was going to be facilitated under the leadership and supervision of him.

Everything you should look for in a trainer Brian possess! He is a high level athlete who has competed on the collegiate level and above. He is a student of his craft he is open minded and constantly studying new methods and techniques for his clients. He can program for every level of fitness doesn't matter if you're a 60 year old with no background or a professional athlete. He knows the human body and its limits he knows when he can push you to the edge or when its time to peel back. He has never dug into my personal life, he has never bragged about an accomplishment, he has never bad mouthed another trainer or gym, he has never tried to have me max out or hurt myself trying to lift an unnecessary heavy weight, he has kept every movement extremely specific to what I will be doing when I fight, and he has lead by example every training session by carrying himself with high character. I am fortunate that he has given me an opportunity to be apart of his gym and I am blessed that I have him on my team for this upcoming fight.

Just to note physical accomplishments which are dwarfed by the mental edge he has given me. I started off 230 plus lbs in July I am now down to 195lbs. I never hit as hard as I am now, I never possessed this speed I have now, my endurance is through the roof it actually is scaring me almost like I grew an extra lung, my coordination and movement has improved by leaps and bounds, my reflexes are sharper, and I am stronger than ever! He has gone above and beyond what is required of a trainer and he is one of the few people in this business who really cares about your personal development over the dollar amount you pay him in. I am just grateful for the experience and October 24 is my time to shine and I am prepared.

If you're looking to get healthy and improve yourself please get yourself to Live Train Evolve it will be a decision you will not regret!!!!"

Sam "Sammy O" Oropeza, Pro Fighter Bellator MMA

"The staff was amazingly nice and didn't make me feel like a chump, even though I'm a total rookie. I would recommend Live. Train. Evolve. to anyone looking for a good work out in a welcoming environment"

- Madeline B., Plymouth Meeting, PA

"I started training at Live. Train. Evolve in October of 2012. One of the things that I liked best was that I could purchase half hour personal training sessions. I have a busy life and this works out great for me. Brian who is my trainer is very knowledgeable and offers good advice when I need. I would definitely recommend personal training at LTE."

-Nicole G. , Coatesville, PA

Recommend it for anyone in the area who's looking for something new, challenging, and exciting!"

-Kathy B. , Coatesville, PA