Maybe you are drinking enough water.....

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and are ready to go after those New Year Resolutions! Speaking of resolutions, as a trainer I hear many people say one of their New Year resolutions is to drink more water. The thing is most people are consuming enough. Of course, there are different factors that will determine how much water you should drink. But many of us are drinking enough water throughout the day also making us pee a lot. Which this is fine and normal but at the same time we are losing a lot of electrolytes.

You are probably wondering, "Why are electrolytes important? Rather than giving you a bunch a scientific talk let's just say they help your body do most of its hard work including contracting your muscle and producing energy. I would say this is important! Especially, if you are someone who enjoys resistance training, running, or participating in martial arts. You put your body through a lot and proper hydration is key for an effective workout and recovery.

There are a few things you can do other than sports drinks to help replenish your electrolytes before, during, and after your training.

1. Adding Sea Salt! One thing that is quick and easy is adding a pinch ( 2-4 turns on a grinder) of sea salt to your water. I have a pink Himalayan sea salt grinder that I like to use. Depending on how much water I am drinking I will add a pinch on each refill. (Currently using a 20 oz water bottle).

2. Drink Coconut Water. This is one of my favorites but I understand many people do not like the taste. One solution to this is to try mixing it with pineapple juice. For post-training, I find this mix to be very refreshing and I do not have that full feeling you get after you drink a sports drink.

3. Using a drink additive. When it comes to this, you should research and try different brands on your own. I have found that not all brands are alike. I found one company that was recommended to me by one of our coaches Emmy, called "The Right Stuff". This is an honest opinion of the product and I have not received anything from this company. I tried this product a few weeks ago on a Thursday night before 3 consecutive days of training Jiu-Jitsu and resistance training. Normally, by Friday mornings training I notice my body cramping a little and I was fatigued. This is something I experience from time to time because we sweat a lot when training on the mats. But what I notice on the Friday after trying The Right Stuff is my body did not feel as fatigued as it normally felt. Again, these are products you should research on your own. Also, be careful and read the warning labels! Especially, if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Hopefully, one of these methods will help you with better hydration and better performance in the New Year. I know there are tons of ways that people choose to hydrate. These are just my three that I found work with my lifestyle.

Happy New Year!

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